Friday, February 01, 2013

Zulu/ Escher touchup

Decided to touch up the Revisor yesterday and thought I would  mix it up a bit and see what using escher slurry on the Zulu would bring.

I dipped the escher slurry stone in water and rubbed it on the Zulu a few times. I didn't know if the slurry would come from the zulu or the escher stone. Which was harder? I was guessing the zulu.

The slurry came up as the same color as the Escher stone so I knew I was honing on that. The slurry stayed fine for about 20 laps then I had to water it down a bit to keep it from getting too thick. another 10-15 laps there. then a slow dilute and just a few laps on plain water.

Great shave this morning but definitely a more sharp and less smooth edge than I am used to from the Zulu on water or on it's own slurry.Seemed much more Escher than Zulu. I actually prefer the Zulu edge. This was VERY sharp though. Sharper than normal.

Just playing around :)

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